What the hell: Clarksdale Pt. 2 in photos

4 thoughts on “What the hell: Clarksdale Pt. 2 in photos

  1. Great Shots! Ferget the guitar/Phd thing and become a photographer, you can make almost as much $ and cameras are easier to get on a plane!


  2. Juke Joint Festival!!! Linda and I went there twice. The latest time was 2012. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We had the honor of meeting and hearing some of the late greats, Honeyboy Williams, Model t Ford, and Robert Belfour. Red’s was the closest we have come to a genuine Juke Joint. It was packed, sweaty and bluesy. We consider “Big” Jon Short a friend. He has performed more than once at house concerts we hosted when we lived in Worcester, MA I just heard some of your tunes and watched a few of your videos online. I like what I hear. We live in San diego now, and we host La Playa House Concerts. Come meet us, sing and play sometime. Andy Levy https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqCRVC0-cSJL-kaNJowwUzaUce1tAYCcd https://www.facebook.com/LaPlayaHouseConcerts


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